Our services

Car Rental Services

Camlogs assists you in your daily activities by offering a wide range of quality vehicles for rent.

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Logistics Services

Our services : Transport of fresh products, Industrial equipment rental, Boat rental, Emergency Management.

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Meet and Greet & Visa Services

Our services : Reception and Installation of new companies, Visa Services

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Life Base Management and Catering Service for Staff

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General supplies

Whatever your need, we provide you with a quick solution tailored to your budget

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Facility management

>We assist you for your installation in Cameroon, with concrete solutions for your administrative documents, housing including competent staff

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Presentation CAMLOGS

In the current economic race, specialized companies concentrate on their core activities and use of subcontractors (outsourcing) to accompany them in their vision and needs. This is the reason of CAMLOGS, whose creed is to support the customer whatever his need, by balancing costs and quality of service. Based on the assumption that a satisfied and happy customer is a better marketer, we strive on a daily basis not to neglect any aspect of the customer's need. To achieve our goals, we focus on the well-being of our human resources, which is one of the key elements of our business. Knowing that a socially and professionally fulfilled employee can only give the best of himself, because he sees himself as an integral part of the business. Following the studies conducted by the precasem on financing of the World Bank and whose results were presented at the last CIMEC forum, with more than 100 anomalies discovered, our country can be considered as a geological scandal in the same way as others, to resources not yet exploited. CAMLOGS is an integrated logistics solution for potential investors who will decide to be real actors in the development of our beautiful country. CAMLOGS, thanks to its experience, is undoubtedly your best partner for your projects in Cameroon. Welcome to an emerging Cameroon.



 Our customers and partners