CAMLOGS - Logistics Services

Transport of fresh products

Thanks to national coverage, a wide range of food products and multi-temperature logistics solutions, CAMLOGS guarantees a regular supply, while ensuring the food safety of your orders

Industrial equipment rental

CAMLOGS offers rental services of industrial and mining equipment for your operations
- Crane
- Bulldozer
- Excavator

Boat rental

For the fulfillment of your maritime studies or for all rescue missions, CAMLOGS makes its fleet of boats available in the Douala region. Our teams are able to operate without delay

Emergency Management

Because we know that despite a meticulous preparation, some unexpected events can always happen and affect your projects, CAMLOGS provides a set of solutions allowing you to react quickly to the unforeseen:
- Base camp delivery in emergency or in extreme situations (riots for example),
- Aerial medical evacuation of staff or ship crews far from coastline,
- Customs clearance emergencies,
- Local or international purchases and on-site delivery of urgent equipment